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Frequently Asked Questions posed by Hundred Finance users


Is Hundred Finance safe?
Where are my assets stored?
Does Hundred Finance charge fees?
Where does the interest accrued by suppliers come from?

HND Staking, Voting and APR Boosts

What is the difference between supplying a token and staking a token?
Why are stablecoin APRs displayed as a range?
Where do I go to use HND to boost my stablecoin rewards?
How long can HND be staked?
I locked my HND but my veHND balance is decreasing. What's going on?
Can I relock HND to maintain my voting power?
Do I need to stake HND to get the full APR?
How exactly is my boost calculated using my staked veHND?
Is there a calculator or a guide on how much HND is needed to receive the maximum boost?
What is gauge voting?
Can I change my vote weights used in gauge voting?
If I can only vote once every 10 days but the epoch lasts 7, will I miss out on boosted APR during those 3 days?
Can I vote for more than one gauge?
When do voting epochs start and end?


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HND Staking, Voting and APR Boosts