🌊Liquid Driver

A partner-project of the Hundred Finance platform

Liquid Driver is a liquidity mining dApp providing liquidity-as-a-service to the Fantom ecosystem that aims to deliver to users more utility, rewards, and long-term benefits through its vault strategies and farming opportunities.

In March, 2022, Liquid Driver created the first wrapped version of the HND token, liHND (liquid HND). Combined with boost-optimized vaults that deposit stables into Hundred Finance's Fantom-launched gauges, liHND grants stakers an 8% portion of the rewards generated by users of their boosted hTOKEN farms.

To make use of Liquid Driver's Hundred Finance-integrated vaults themselves, users need to acquire the respective hTOKEN (e.g. hUSDC) by depositing into our supply markets. These can then be staked on the Liquid Driver farms tab.

HND holders are able to swap their tokens for liHND at a 1:1 ratio, which Liquid Driver then locks to ensure their vaults provide optimal returns without the need for end-users to generate their own veHND. While liHND cannot be unwrapped to return HND, the protocol also provides an incentivized liquidity pool on Beethoven X that facilitates swapping between the two.

Further information about Liquid Driver's products and their integration with Hundred Finance can be found on their project's Medium blog and within their docs.

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