Hundred Finance

Increasing Lock Amount and Duration

How to amend a mveHND balance through adjusting lock duration on Hundred Finance

Locking Additional HND

A wallet that has already locked HND and received mveHND is able to increase their mveHND balance by either locking more HND (covered in the previous section) or increasing the length of the lock (up to a maximum of 4 years from the date on which the lock is extended). If you have a HND balance on your account, this additional HND can be locked by inputting the amount in the Lock additional HND field and sending the lock transaction. At this point, the received mveHND will have the same unlock date as those you locked previously owing to an account only being able to have a single unlock date.
The Lock additional and Increase lock duration UIs

Increasing Lock Duration

To increase a lock duration and in return receive further mveHND, a new date can be set in the Increase lock duration UI. Again, as mveHND can only have a single unlock date on which it can be redeemed for the original HND, any increase will apply to all currently locked HND. As maximum lock duration remains 4 years from the date the lock is carried out but at this length allows for 1:1 HND to mveHND generation, a mveHND balance that has decayed can be rejuvenated through this action.
Note: When increasing lock duration, it is best practise to extend for at least 8 days beyond your current unlock date. This prevents issues that can arise when a new unlock date falls within the same epoch as the previous unlock date.