0️⃣Layer Zero

A project integrated with the Hundred Finance platform

Layer Zero is a cross-chain messaging solution that provides a β€œthird way” in the provision of security within the multi-chain ecosystem. Currently, the two most prevalent approaches to handling the validation of cross-chain transactions entail either sacrificing security for the sake of cost (using a β€œmiddle chain” vulnerable to consensus attacks to receive, validate, and forward messages), or putting a huge burden on the financial resources of projects (on-chain validation of data against the block headers using light nodes can cost tens of millions of dollars a day). Upending this dichotomy, LayerZero has broken new ground by creating Ultra Light Nodes (ULN) that combine the security of a light node with the cost-effectiveness of middle chains. This is achieved by performing the same validation as an on-chain light node but streaming block headers on demand.

Hundred Finance uses LayerZero’s open relayer system to facilitate the passing of messages between two MirrorGates. When a user carries out a mirrorLock of a veHND position on an integrated chain, the mirrorGate contract is responsible for validating and formatting the message before calling the LayerZero endpoint on Chain 0. This LayerZero endpoint then takes the verified message and, after some time, calls the Chain 1 LayerZero endpoint to have the message passed to the equivalent MirrorGate. With the lock data securely passed between the endpoints and validated by the MirrorGate contracts, this information can then be applied to the user account and their current mveHND token benefits received.

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