Hundred Finance Improvement Proposals are used to propose changes or additions to the protocol

HIPs - Hundred Finance Improvement Proposals

Hundred Finance Improvement Proposals (HIPs) describe proposed changes or additions to the standards of the Hundred Finance platform, including core protocol specifications, contract standards, and approaches to the management of the platform more broadly.

HIP Format

Where applicable, a HIP should contain the following sections:

Simple Summary

An explanation of the proposal that can be understood in layman's terms.


A technical summary of the proposal that can address those with specialized knowledge.


An explanation of the current condition or conditions that will be addressed by the proposal, be they of a technical nature or concerned with user and community or protocol management more generally.


An explanation of the anticipated improvement that will result from passing the proposal.


A detailed walkthrough of the steps that need to be taken in order to implement the proposal and bring about the desired result.


Once a proposal has been drafted, uploaded to Discord for discussion, it can then be submitted by the team to the project's Snapshot Space.

Note: The timing of the voting period and its length should be established beforehand through consultation of the Team, as this will allow for it to receive optimal attention around the project's release schedule and potentially be included in blog posts, Twitter tweets, etc.

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