Boosting APR with mveHND

The APR boosting effects of locking HND for veHND on Hundred Finance

Locked HND grants accounts the ability to receive boosted APRs on hTOKENS used to farm further HND. This boost can be anything up to 2.5x depending on vote distribution across gauges and the composition of the farming contract (total liquidity, an accounts portion of it and their relative veHND holdings).

Voting power applies to all gauges but may produce different boosts based on how much liquidity is provided and how much total liquidity the pool contains. In order to provide clarity for users, on adding hTOKENS to a farming contract the staking UI will display their current boost, while mouse hovering over this figure will display the number of additional veHND that needs to be acquired in order to attain the maximum boost.

The variable boost available means that each farming contract also possesses a variable APR. Accounts that have deposited hTOKENS but possess no veHND receive the lowest figure in the range and those that have deposited hTOKENS and attained the maximum boost receive the highest. If an account wishes to increase their APR up to the maximum while all other conditions remain the same, it is necessary to lock further HND or increase the length of time they are locked.

Note: It is necessary to interact with the farming contract after increasing one's supply of veHND for the improved APR to be recognized by the system. This can be done through depositing, withdrawing or claiming from the contract.

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