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Exchange Markets
Known DEX listings for the HND token, including incentivized pools run by official partners
The following exchange listings are known, through either official partnerships or team confirmation, to have now or in the past had liquidity for the HND token. That said, as liquidity in each protocol is constantly fluctuating and Hundred Finance has pools on multiple blockchains by definition, we recommend that any trade be made only once confirmation has been made of where the best price can be found.
Where an official pool exists, details on how to participate in incentivized liquidity provision, if it is still active, can be found on the relevant exchange's page in the Collaborations section of these docs.

Official Liquidity Pool - Add 50% HND - 50% ETH at DODO​

Non-Official Swap Provider -​

Official Liquidity Pool - Add 50% HND - 50% FTM at SpookySwap​

Non-Official Liquidity Pool - Sushi SLP (50% HND - 50% ONE)​

Non-Official Liquidity Pool - Solarbeam SLP (50% HND - 50% MOVR)​

Official Swap Provider -​
Official Liquidity Pool - Swapr sLP (50% HND - 50% xDAI)​

Incentivized Liquidity Pool - xToken Terminal (50% HND - 50% ETH)​

Coming soon..

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