🎼Beethoven X

A partner-project of the Hundred Finance platform

Hundred Finance collaborated with the Beethoven X decentralized exchange to provide a HND/USDC/FTM liquidity pool on the Fantom Opera blockchain network. This pool is called "When Two Become One (Hundred)" and was instigated with a reward program that emitted both HND and BEETS tokens to participants. These rewards go to LPs based on their proportion of the pool’s liquidity, with the LP token staked in the mining contract.

Beethoven X: An Introduction

Built off of Balancer V2, Beethoven X is the first next-generation AMM protocol on Fantom Opera. In allowing weighted investment pools, it acts like an index fund but with the addition of fee collection from trades that rebalance your.

Each Beethoven X pool can contain up to 8 different tokens, where each token is assigned a weight defining what fraction of the pool is made up by each asset. Beethoven X provides a Uniswap-style trading experience, allowing for trades from one token to another. Behind the scenes, the Smart Order Router (SOR) intelligently sources liquidity from multiple pools so as to automatically provide the best available price from all available pools.

Protocol fees are distributed to liquidity stakers, so by providing liquidity to the pools users stand to gain in fees as well as token-farm distributions.

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