Hundred Finance

Staking Assets

Staking tokens on Hundred Finance for HND emissions
Hundred Finance's native token, HND, is distributed to users who stake stablecoins on the platform, granting it market-leading APR's on the supply side and market-leading APYs on the borrow side for those assets. When stablecoins are staked, they remain available to borrowers but cannot function as collateral for those who have staked them.
The APR received when staking can be boosted through the locking of the HND token, with more information on this subject available in the HND Locking for Protocol Perks section of these docs.
Staking Stablecoins on Hundred Finance

Staking Stablecoins

The process for staking stablecoins is simple:
  • Select the network through the website’s homepage
  • Click on the appropriate stablecoin and move to the Stake tab
  • On the Stake tab, approve the token for interaction with the contract
  • The desired amount of the token can then be chosen and sent to the staking contract by pressing Stake button to initiate a token approval and the transaction to deposit the tokens
When stablecoins are staked, gauge tokens are sent to the user's wallet. These are representative of the user's share of the pooled hTOKENS and, similar to hTOKENS, are not exchanged on a 1:1 basis. Possession of gauge tokens will result in the accumulation of claimable HND, which can be claimed using the Stake tab on a block-by-block basis by sending a Claim HND transaction. Withdrawing staked assets merely requires the selection of the desired quantity and the sending of an Unstake transaction.